Boldness and Beauty Theme


Taking on a socially significant expert role requires courage and responsibility. Until now, the formation of landscape architects’ profession has required taking bold action, and now there is a greater need for action than ever before. Under what conditions can landscape architects – along with other close professions – act more boldly, and by what means will they redeem this mandate? How can we act boldly in our own work? How do we see our own responsibility in our actions?


Aesthetics is one of the cornerstones of landscape architecture. There are now numerous new themes on the design table to solve and coordinate. For this reason, it is timely to ask what is the role of beauty and aesthetics in landscape architecture. The landscape architects’ skill to create beauty undoubtedly adds value to landscapes.  How can this expertise be used with full advantage? What is the value of beauty in a world of change and crises?

Boldness and Beauty

By bringing these two themes together, the Landscape Architecture Day 2022 wants to launch an internal identity debate within the profession. Can these boldness and beauty together form the guiding themes for the design of the landscape of the 21st century? Through what examples, design projects, and actions can these themes be defined in landscape architecture? Will one come before the other, or are boldness and beauty prerequisites for each other?